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Emergency Denture Repairs

Can my dentures be repaired?
We can repair cracked or fractured dentures, insert strengtheners into dentures and remove stains. In addition we can also repair chips in the artificial teeth or replace ones that have broken off. 

How long does it take to repair damaged dentures?
The time it takes to repair a denture depends on how badly it is damaged. Replacing or repairing a damaged tooth or a fracture can normally be done within the hour in our laboratory. Our ability to repair a denture depends on the extent of the damage, how old the denture is and what condition it was in before it was broken. We will always try to ensure you have your denture back on the same day
Most denture repairs can be finished in 1 hour.

If your dentures are quite old and have broken several times, it may be necessary to have a new set made. Dentures that have had teeth added or fractured multiple times are generally not very comfortable to wear as they no longer fit that well.

What should you do if your denture breaks?
If possible, keep all the broken pieces together. DO NOT use super glue or try and repair the denture yourself.

How can dentures become damaged?
The main way dentures are damaged is by dropping them when they are being removed or inserted. Dentures can also become weakened and break if they no longer fit the mouth properly, because of gum shrinkage and change of shape. Subjecting dentures to too much force over a long period of time through teeth grinding, for example, is another cause of damage.

Tips for preventing damage to your dentures.
- If your dentures no longer fit comfortably, the longer you wear them when they are not in the correct position, the more likely it is that they may break 
- Stand over a towel or a sink of water when removing, inserting or cleaning dentures, which will cushion the fall if you do accidentally drop them 
- Always take care when handling your dentures to prevent damage 

The problem with do-It-yourself denture repairs.
There are lots of denture repair kits available that allow you to fix your denture yourself. This may seem like a quick and convenient solution, but attempting to repair it yourself may end up resulting in further damage and make your denture impossible to repair again and uncomfortable to wear. It is always advisable to have your denture fixed by a qualified professional who has the correct knowledge and equipment to do a good job.

We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week denture repairs. Call any day, any time!

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